Lenovo and VMware Partner to Enable the Last Mile in Your Virtualisation Journey

May 25, 2015

By Randall Lundin


A new paper from IDC highlights the Lenovo X6 and VMware solution to enable the last mile in client’s virtualisation journey.

A few interesting quoted excerpts from the IDC paper:


Trends in x86 Servers:

“Most enterprise customers are moving toward more general-purpose and often pre-integrated solutions based on blade and rack designs, such as the X6 platform. Systems in this category tend to incorporate in-rack network and onboard storage. Pre-integration makes these systems easier to deploy, with a shorter time to value and makes these solutions more compatible with a software-defined management paradigm.”

“As customers transform their datacenters to address 3rd Platform dynamics, there has been increasing demand for “Unix on RISC”–like performance; reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS); scalability; and security on x86 servers, which in turn has led to increased interest in x86-based scale-up and converged systems designs. These configurations, in which compute, storage and networking have been integrated into a single, more efficient system, offer a larger number of sockets and cores to achieve better cost-to-performance ratios.”


Introducing the Lenovo and VMware Solution:

“Lenovo and VMware are partnering to deliver a qualified solution designed to virtualise mission-critical applications and accelerate their performance. This same solution can be used for traditional virtualised infrastructures or can be used to build a software-defined datacenter.”

“IDC believes that systems configured in conjunction with VMware vCloud Suite — for example, systems such as X6 servers — are able to deliver on the promise of software-defined datacenter deployments that serve as a robust infrastructure to enable support for high VM densities, thanks to server resources such as large memory capacity. Together, Lenovo and VMware enable customers to reduce IT complexity and costs to accelerate the journey to a software-defined enterprise.”


X6 Systems:

“The X6 portfolio from Lenovo is the sixth generation of enterprise X ARCHITECTURE (EXA), spanning 15 years of server architecture research and development. The X6 systems leverage numerous innovations and features that are designed to speed response times while decreasing operational costs. X6 is number 1 in high-end x86 servers.”

“Enterprise X ARCHITECTURE is specifically suited for demanding enterprise applications that require greater performance, increased memory and storage capacity, and enhanced management platforms. With X6 systems, customers can deploy an efficient and economical server infrastructure that can run both resilient multi-terabyte databases and has the capabilities to virtualize large I/O workloads.”

“IDC is seeing continued demand for x86 servers that can rival Unix on RISC systems in terms of performance, RAS, scalability, and security. This is especially prevalent in scale-up x86 servers and converged systems, where compute, storage, and networking have been integrated into a single, more efficient system. System x X6 systems are designed for just this capability.”


Benefit to Users:

“Customers benefit from faster time to value, reducing operational expenses associated with acquisition and initial deployment, testing, and onsite tuning. Lenovo and VMware both have sizable installed bases, along with a long history of delivering enterprise-class solutions to customers. These companies have made a significant joint investment in product integration, ensuring that customers will find superior integration, interoperability, and value-added features.”

“System x X6 systems and VMware’s solutions can now enable customers to address the last mile of the virtualisation journey, a segment that has traditionally been challenging to win with x86-based solutions. VMware vCloud Suite on System x X6 servers offers an enterprise-class solution that reduces IT complexity and accelerates the journey to a software-defined enterprise.”

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