NetApp SteelStore cloud integrated storage solves backup and recovery headaches

May 26, 2015

Is your current backup and recovery solution today too slow, too expensive or too risky? Between missed backup windows and expensive solutions that take way too much employee time to manage, many of your peers are realising that their current backup and recovery strategies can’t keep pace.

Meet SteelStore, from NetApp. 

SteelStore is the only cloud integrated storage that enables customers to securely backup data to the cloud at up to 90% less than traditional methods. SteelStore accelerates data protection by reducing data volumes by up to 30x and speeding data transport times by 4x.

SteelStore will revolutionise your backup in 3 simple steps:

  • SteelStore seamlessly integrates with existing backup software and will compress, deduplicate, encrypt, and stream data to the cloud provider of your choosing.
  • SteelStore intelligently caches recent backups locally while vaulting older versions to the cloud, allowing for rapid restores with offsite protection.
  • Result: a cloud-economics driven backup and recovery strategy with faster recovery, reduced data loss, ironclad security, and minimal management overhead.

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