Not just a flash in the pan – why flash storage is here to stay

June 29, 2015

Keeping the datacentre running smoothly is a tricky enough balance at the best of times. As some exciting new applications emerge, the demands on infrastructure increase. Under that extra pressure, any flaws tend to become painfully apparent.

Without the right foundations, even the most outstanding services can lose their shine, so it is no surprise that IT managers are keen to deal with them promptly. Commonly, this might mean adding servers – but in fact, one of the most common culprits is not servers but the storage environment.

The most demanding applications, such as analytics, put pressure on often heavily loaded storage environments. This impacts speed, which in turn affects application performance. The most effective answer at the moment is flash storage. When investing in flash, though, it is worth a little extra scrutiny.

The stats are impressive – business response up to ten times faster, and an 80% cut in IO wait time – but these are only available on true flash. A little detective work shows that most so-called flash storage is in reality just SSD dressed up with a different badge (IBM’s Flash Storage System is the notable exception).

In a strange irony, storage, one of the aspects of IT usually prompting least excitement, is emerging as one of the real star performers. Those demanding applications are leading the charge to competitive advantage, as IT is increasingly relied on to fuel business growth and efficiency. As this trend continues, the need for better, faster storage will only increase – and without flash, you might just find someone else is getting a head start.

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