Palo Alto Networks – Background

February 23, 2015

Palo Alto Networks has revolutionised the firewall industry by producing the very first true ‘next generation’ firewall technology back in 2007. Founder, Nir Zuk, was instrumental in the development of the stateful inspection classification engine during the mid-90’s, and then later founded the world’s first IPS company.  He also held the position of CTO for one of the world’s largest firewall companies, and has extensive heritage in this field of technology and that has attracted world class individuals with a strong ability to innovate and disrupt in the Network Security global market.

Using their own custom designed architecture they have taken the firewall forward from simply being a port filter to a firewall that provides unprecedented visibility of Applications and Content – this is essential in today’s world where unpredictable applications do not always correspond to pre-defined ports. Their technology allows them to identify applications, irrespective of port number, and apply policy around those applications, even if the application is utilising SSL encryption. They’re also able to tie that application traffic to users, by linking it back to a corporate directory such as LDAP or Active Directory – again important for policy and reporting. What makes them totally unique is that they are able to do all of this in a single pass of each packet at the firewall.

Application visibility and control is also very useful for threat detection – and again they are able to carry out threat protection in the same pass of the packet – massively reducing latency and providing reliable results.  Their ability to identify applications, even if encrypted, allows packet captures to take place on targeted traffic, which they believe would be extremely beneficial for scope of this particular project. Evasive tunnelling applications such as ‘TOR’ can also be reliably detected.

The Palo Alto Networks is a publicly listed company (NYSE) trading in over 100 countries with a technology that has been validated by Common Criteria, NSS Labs, Frost & Sullivan, and also Gartner who have recognized them as a clear Leader in the magic quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls ( These credentials are strongly supported by more than 22,000 customers around the world.

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