Project Management: The Santa Effect

November 25, 2014

One of the most frustrating reasons IT departments cite for major cost blowouts is not a matter of technology but of logistics. Having datacentre space paid for, infrastructure delivered and consultant time booked, it is discovered that one small but essential component has been overlooked or is missing in transit. It can be as simple as the right power supply, yet the delay can run into weeks… and over time is likely to mean over budget. Unless you’re a specialist, managing the logistics of an IT project is almost as complex as Santa delivering to around 22 million children per hour on Christmas Eve.

Like Santa, our project experts are skilled in the art of getting everything where it needs to be, in time for the big day. (Unlike Santa, they don’t have to do it on a diet of milk and cookies). A lot of that is down to processes that have been refined over the years. Having this structured approach makes sure that, even if one of our, ahem, elves takes a well-earned holiday, projects run smoothly. So how do they do it? Here’s a list (checked twice) of some of the essential ingredients:

  1. Time: managing projects can be immensely time consuming, so it is not something to take on yourself if you are already overloaded.
  2. Contacts: vendors are huge organisations and knowing the right people pays dividends when it comes to locating every item on your project list.
  3. Check, check and check again. No detail is too small.
  4. Allow for contingencies – people get sick, shipments get held up in customs.
  5. Be realistic. If you expect the impossible, that may be what you get.
  6. Work with people who make it easier. We hear Santa’s pretty busy just now, but our team can always make time for our customers.

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