Rolling out the welcome mat – why customer service makes a difference

June 16, 2015

One of the things that really pleases us at Computer Merchants is when our customers return to us, time and again – and they recommend us to their peers. That is when we know we are getting it right. Conversely, though, it is perhaps even more important to us to know when we can do something better. It is listening carefully that helps us to continually improve our customers’ experiences.

In our business, great customer service is the difference between solutions that look good on paper and the technology that transforms the capabilities of a business in the real world. We have a mantra of ‘you speak, we listen’, and this is right at the centre of the way we approach any interaction with our customers.

While we do have an outstanding customer service team, we definitely don’t consider it ends there. We select and train people who understand that great customer service is part of every single job. So, it seems only right that we ask a few of our people to give their views on customer service:

I want every customer to succeed, want everything to go right for them – and I take each project very personally. Some customers have even expressed surprise that they are not charged for the extra level of attention they receive, but it is just the way we believe things should be done.’ Kylie Charrington, General Manager of Customer Service

One of the most important parts of every project is clarifying and qualifying what the customer wants to achieve. This means being unafraid to ask the right questions, then really listening carefully to what they are telling us. We can’t afford to make assumptions that would affect our customer’s business.” David Crosthwaite, Presales Engineer

Our customers know they can pick up the phone and call me, or any of our directors. We make a point of being accessible. Nobody should feel they are above sitting down with a customer and helping them to get what they need.” Mark Loparow, Director of Marketing

I go out of my way to help customers, and we have systems in place to allow that. Very often, we can tell a customer exactly where every piece of equipment is located, even if it was sold twenty years ago. We are happy to provide that resource to them.” Ian Schroder, Warehouse Manager

We build trusted relationships by being honest, even when it is bad news. Customers can always expect the truth from us, we don’t believe in hiding anything. We treat our customers as we would like to be treated ourselves, and they tell us they appreciate it.” Norm Jefferies, Managing Director

When a customer needs our help outside their support contract at 3am, the priority is to fix their problem. We help them through it. Putting the paperwork in place can wait until 9 to 5, but their business often can’t.” Matt Dargie, Director of Services

Empathy is very important. We hire people who can put themselves in the customer’s shoes.” Tenille Jones, HR and Project Administration Coordinator

When I order a pizza, use an ATM, travel in a taxi or buy a gift, chances are we helped that business build the systems to make it happen. I get a real kick out of seeing our customers succeed.” Scott Garvin, General Manager of Sales.

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