Software Value Review

February 25, 2015

Do you know the status of your IBM software licenses in 2015?

Are you compliant or risk exposed if an audit were to occur?

Are your licenses utilised for value or imposing unnecessary cost to your bottom line?

Many organisations are failing to optimise their IBM Software investment. With IBM constantly improving and extending its software portfolio, new products get added, old products retired and offerings are bundled and unbundled all the time. Combined with a range of licensing models, it’s easy to see how keeping track of your software entitlements can become a challenge.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a seamless process to ensure you’re not just compliant, but getting the most value out of your licenses across your organisation?

Introducing Software Value Review (SVR). Implementing a 5 Point Plan, the hassle-free program can take your uncertainty out of the equation, giving you piece of mind.

Gain confidence in your compliance status and learn how to squeeze more value from your existing IT environment. A Software Value Review can even implement possible cost-savings by leasing your licenses from the Cloud.

All you need to start is request an initial consultation. Empower yourself with a fixed price quote to perform the Software Value Review (SVR) within your environment, no-obligation.

Want to know more about the Software Value Review? Computer Merchants can arrange a complimentary consultation for you across Australia.

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