Solutions for Rugged Environments

February 20, 2015


ISO shipping containers offer a strong, secure and environmentally sound solution for housing a datacentre that can be easily transported globally and deployed in virtually any environment and application.

Schneider Electric’s containerised prefabricated modules are available as all-in-one units providing a self-contained, fully functional data centre as well as standalone power, cooling and IT modules that can be combined and customised upon request for large-scale deployments.

The containerised versions of our prefabricated modules are capable of accommodating solutions from 5 – 18 conventional racks in a 40ft container with densities starting at 3kW/rack up to 30kW/rack or higher upon request. The modules are designed according to data centre industry best practices and available in standard ISO container sizes of 10, 20 and 40ft.


Prefabricated Data Centre Modules are…


… more predictable

  • The availability, security, efficiency and cost you expected
  • Optimised to prevent critical data loss in operation /production sites
  • Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions


… faster to deploy than traditional datacentres

  • Pre-manufactured and pre-tested prior to delivery
  • Site preparation done concurrently with manufacturing
  • Ships in 16 weeks or less (upon design sign-off and receipt of PO)


… simple and repeatable

  • Delivered in remote locations and space constrained environments
  • Pre-engineered solutions simplify design and build process
  • Deploy same basic design in multiple sites around the world

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