The 5 Datacentre Trends Every IT Manager Should Be Watching

May 27, 2015

Chances are, if you’re running a data centre, yours is one of the fastest paced jobs in your entire organisation. Still, you wouldn’t be in IT if you didn’t cope well with change, right? Even those who thrive on seeking out the best technology gains can get busy, though, so the team at Computer Merchants has put together a handy list of some trends worth tracking.

  1. Mobility. It might not be entirely new, but many organisations are beginning to re-think the way they support a mobile workforce. Fuelled by new technologies, maturing cloud options and changing technology demands, this is a whole new mobility landscape. Aside from the possibility of some significant time and cost advantages, a tantalising potential outcome is helping users to become far more self-sufficient and offering a far more powerful user experience.
  2. Integrated infrastructure. With most trends in IT, you can count them as going mainstream once IBM is on-board. This is very much the case here, with their VersaStack alliance with Cisco making waves. This development is a positive one for anyone who ever spent the day wrestling to integrate two or more pieces of kit and wondering why the heck they couldn’t be designed to just work together without the fuss. It reflects a lot of feedback from time-poor IT professionals needing to focus on new applications instead of the nuts and bolts of their equipment.
  3. Marriage of IT and marketing. What may have seemed an unholy alliance a few years ago is becoming reality. As IT plays a more direct role in customer interactions and bringing new services to market, IT managers are likely to spend an increasing amount of time with their marketing counterparts. Of course, as unsung heroes of previous eras, those in IT probably know a lot more about brand development than those in less technical roles may care to admit. Strong marketing professionals are now likely to have greater input into the services they seek – so IT managers will find themselves providing greater guidance than ever to ensure that a little knowledge does not become a dangerous thing.
  4. A new approach too managed services. It makes sense that, with infrastructure becoming more commoditised in some cases, the smarter providers are becoming far more flexible in their services offerings. We are seeing some customers coming to us with a prepared ‘shopping list’ of wants, asking for a managed service to be built around those needs. Others count on us to learn in detail about their organisation and then fill the gaps to boost their capability. Some organisations, especially those where agility and fast scaling are key, are electing to offload IT provision altogether in favour of concentrating on other business strengths.
  5. Increasingly complex compliance. Something of an ongoing (or never-ending) trend, industry and government requirements relating to security of personally identifiable information (PII) are more stringent than ever. For those doing business with other countries, the complexity multiplies. 2015 is a time to work with both IT security experts and legal advisors to ensure you have all your regulatory and technical bases covered.

Of course, we could talk about many more trends – social, collaboration and IT as a service (ITaaS) are all presenting tremendous opportunity, with new technologies making them especially worth tracking. To learn more about these or other data centre developments, contact the friendly Computer Merchants team.

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