The NetApp E2700…

November 20, 2014

Delivers configurable, streamlined performance for midsize application-driven SAN storage environments


The Challenge

Today the challenge for small businesses and remote and branch offices is to manage growing data requirements with minimal cost and maintenance. Consistent performance delivery is expected; managing data is becoming more complex; and resources, space, and power are limited.

The Solution

The NetApp E2700 storage system was designed to provide simple SAN storage that fits seamlessly into almost any application-driven storage environment, with a variety of host connectivity options, drive options, and multiple disk shelf options. This storage system provides optimal performance efficiency with high bandwidth and IOPS levels while minimizing complexity and maintenance, power, and space requirements. The intuitive interface of the E2700 simplifies installation and maintenance, and it provides enterprise-level storage capabilities to deliver consistent performance, data integrity, and security.

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