The story of a project, step by step

June 22, 2015

When you embark on an IT project, no matter how large or how small, you are likely to encounter a number of people along the way. Of course, not all technology partners work the same way, but here are a few people you may meet in the course of a Computer Merchants project:

Sales. Whether you came to us via word of mouth or one of our marketing campaigns, your Account Manager is probably the first person you’ll meet. We make a point of selecting Account Managers who understand people and business as well as technology – so they’re a great resource when you want to throw around a few ideas or chat about what’s new.

Presales Engineer. “I ask a lot of questions, then outline various possible approaches to solving a business problem. This includes the cost implications of each alternative solution. Probably the most important things in this role are common sense, listening to the customer and knowing my way around a variety of technologies.” – David Crosthwaite, Computer Merchants Presales Engineer

Customer Service. “We treat every sale as a project, so our team have to be expert project managers,” says Tenille Jones, Computer Merchants HR and Project Administration Co-ordinator. As soon as a purchase order is received, a project administration assistant is assigned to manage the project through to completion. This includes making sure that every single piece of equipment arrives when it is needed, provisioning the right specialists at the right time, and keeping the customer informed every step of the way. “We don’t believe it is ever the customer’s job to chase up components,” says Tenille. This is a standard service at Computer Merchants, and provided free of charge.

Technology Specialists. Depending on your project, you are likely to work closely with members of our engineering team to produce a more detailed plan, then install, test and roll out your project. As with presales, you can expect to be asked a lot of questions – the greater the insight we have into your business and environment, the better. Our engineers work with very strong processes designed to make every implementation run as smoothly as possible. Where needed, they equip you with the skills transfer and tools to make sure handover is painless and uneventful.

Services. Some projects are more about finding the right expertise than about equipment. Many organisations elect to fill a gap or enlist extra ongoing help from our services team. Whether expert, project-specific consulting or 24/7 support for the new services you’re creating, more and more businesses find it cost-effective to include additional services as a part of their overall project plan.

Warehouse. Our team provide you with all the information you need about logistics. They give you a heads up about where your products are and chase any courier information on your behalf.

Management Team. Whether you’re in the planning phases, rolling out a project, or long-since completed, our management team makes a point of being accessible to customers. In fact, they relish the opportunity to hear feedback, answer questions, or help you to overcome IT challenges. “Hearing directly from customers helps us to create the best, most relevant services. Our attitude is ‘you talk, we listen.’” Says Norm Jefferies, Computer Merchants Managing Director.

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