Upgrading from V6R1 – Why you should

August 26, 2015

IBM’s V6R1 operating system has been one of the longest available OS versions for the System i in its history, being made generally available on March 21 in 2008.

Just getting to V6R1 was not an easy task. It was often referred to as the biggest upgrade in OS400 history since the leap from CISC to RISC .

Even though it’s been 7 long years since it was first introduced, many of our customers are still running on this solid version of OS and there may be several reasons why your organisation has not yet upgraded to V7R1. The potential cost could be a road block, time or you may have other projects scheduled or it could just be in the too hard basket. There is also the challenge of third party software – there may be preparation involved to upgrade these to new OS levels.  One common misconception is that V6R1 is still new – many of you would have been surprised at our earlier comment of it being over 7 years old.

The most important reason why you should upgrade to a newer version of OS is the fact that IBM is withdrawing support for the Operating System V6R1 starting on September 30, 2015.

This means, if you have an OS or Software related issue and you call IBM for assistance, they may be limited to the amount of help they can provide. End of support means that any development to assist with issues also ceases.

Planning for and completing an OS upgrade on the Power i is not a difficult task. Computer Merchants performs upgrades to help our customers almost every month. We are experienced in helping you plan and prepare as well as assist you with any third party systems and software tools.  We can provide a complete turnkey upgrade solution with minimal input from you to get you up to date and back in support.

Need advice on what to do next? The Computer Merchants services team is more than happy to help. Contact us today to talk through your current system and OS levels or insights on where to start your upgrade.

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