Welcome to Lenovo

May 25, 2015

I’m Matt Codrington, Managing Director at Lenovo Australia and New Zealand. Having spent more than 15 years in the IT industry, it is always interesting to see how technology makers respond to the consumers’ changing needs. This commitment to change is a key reason I’m glad to be a part of Lenovo, one of the most innovative and adaptable technology companies in the world.

As the number one PC vendor globally, Lenovo is keen to be one of the few technology vendors that offers end-to-end products and services that simplify the purchasing process for businesses as well as the selling process for our business partners. To realise this ambition, Lenovo has made several key acquisitions in the past year including IBM’s System x server business. This acquisition has made us the number three provider of x86-based hardware, software, and services in the world.

The momentum is building within our enterprise business, and we want to make this division more profitable than our PC business unit within the year – achieving US$15 billion in revenue worldwide.

We plan to reach this goal through continued investment and innovation in the x86 server business. With an expanded product portfolio, we are confident we can exceed the successes we have experienced in the PC industry. Just like in PCs, we strive to be the market leader in servers.

Lenovo has also made a big push into the consumer space across Australia and New Zealand with our YOGA range of PCs and tablet devices receiving critical acclaim. With the integration of our acquisition of Motorola Mobility, we expect to make more noise in the consumer market.

Lenovo is always evolving, and we have much more exciting news to announce in the upcoming months. We will be sharing more news through our partnership with Bluestone, so stay tuned for the latest updates in future editions.

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