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Introduction to
Cloud-Managed Wireless

Organisations with enterprise needs but limited IT resources often struggle delivering robust wireless experiences. Learn how cloud computing can bring simplicity and effectiveness to your wireless network.

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Introduction to
Cloud-Managed Switching

Explore a new class of switches that brings you cloud-based visibility and control over your entire edge network. Learn how cloud-managed networks can simplify your IT and improve daily operations.

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Security Appliances

Explore a new class of security tool that integrates a next-gen firewall, internet gateway services, site to site VPN, and application traffic shaping that’s all managed from a centralised web-based dashboard interface.

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The average business refreshes hardware regularly but rarely reevaluate their Wifi design.


See your network coverage and potential blackspots before you buy hardware


Works for all models & brands of access point


Using easy to understand heat maps, you can evaluate your wifi network


User our trained staff to perform a site survey

By utilising Ekahau’s Wireless Site Survey and Computer Merchants’ experienced network engineers, you can ensure your Wifi network is working as effectively as possible and can plan your hardware purchases more effectively.

What’s the solution?

Predictive Placement Plan



*For sites up to 2,000m2

  • WIFI modelling based on customer provided floor plans
  • Placement Plan to maximise Accesss Point coverage
  • Heat Maps provide visualisation of:
    • Signal strength/coverage
    • Channel planning
    • Access Point Locations

Standard Site Survey



*Per 2,000m2, excludes flights, travel & accommodation

  • On-site Engineers
  • A report visualising:
    • Signal strength/coverage
    • Channel overlap
    • Interference
    • Audible access points
    • Signal to noise ratio
  • Collection of real-life wireless data

Trusted by influential brands around the world

With over a million active networks and counting, organizations far and wide count on Meraki to help deliver premium, reliable experiences.

Cisco Meraki is the leader in cloud controlled WiFi, routing and security. Secure and scalable, Cisco Meraki enterprise networks simply work.

Your network is one of the most important elements in the day-to-day functionality of your organisation. With the more mobile devices, IoT and cloud applications connecting to your network than ever before, you need a network that can stand up to the demand of today, and more importantly, tomorrow.

Computer Merchants are proud to partner with Cisco Meraki to bring new cloud-managed network technologies to all kinds of organisations, providing a reliable and secure network that will enable them with the power to not only handle demand, but drive growth and enhance the user experience.

We share Cisco Meraki’s vision that technology can connect us and drive seemingly impossible outcomes – if used correctly. By creating simple solutions using powerful technology, together we can free passionate people to focus on what drives innovation and reach groups previously left in the dark.

To learn about the technologies that can make the impossible possible, register your details and watch Meraki’s series of informative Webinars.

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You Speak, We Listen

From hardware, software, and cloud, to managed and professional services, Computer Merchants is well-equipped to guide your digital transformation. Many of our staff members have been with us for several years, offering the skills and expertise to ensure you get the results you deserve. Which means your project, no matter how big or small, will be end-to-end managed by an exceptional team.

At Computer Merchants, we make a point of understanding exactly what you need form your network, before fitting your organisation with a personalised Meraki solution.

To learn more or speak with one our in-house Meraki experts, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

A-Z of Cloud-Managed Networking

Cisco Meraki’s comprehensive cloud-managed networks offer a plethora of benefits to modern day businesses. Here’s an A-Z list of the many benefits such a solution can give your organisation.

5 reasons you should go cloud-managed

The increase in mobile devices, IoT capable devices and cloud applications means you need powerful and reliable network connectivity.

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Terms and Conditions

While Cisco Meraki webinars are open to all audiences and while devices may be offered at live events, to be eligible for a free device, participants must:

    • Attend the live event or the live webinar in its entirety.
    • Provide a valid company name and website.
    • (i) Be an IT professional working in one of the countries listed below, (ii) have an active role of managing, maintaining, or monitoring their organization’s network infrastructure, and (iii) be employed by the company.
    • Register with a shipping address in the US (including Puerto Rico), the EEA (including the UK), Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, or Thailand. At this time, we cannot ship free APs outside of these regions and cannot ship to post office boxes.
    • If from a European country, provide a valid VAT ID for shipment.
    • Not be a partner, reseller, distributor, Cisco employee, or consultant.
    • Register with their company email address.
    • Confirm satisfaction of eligibility requirements and shipping address with a Cisco Meraki representative by phone. Please note that the shipping address must be in the same country as the Participant’s residence or work address on record with Cisco Meraki.

Partners, resellers, distributors, Cisco employees, and consultants are not eligible for the Promotional Device offered in this promotion, and Promotional Devices may not be used for resale, distribution or to provide managed services to customers. Meraki Promotional Devices are limited to one device of each type (MR, MS, MX and SM) per organization and per individual.