Mitch Holburt

What is your biggest strength? Probably my ability to devise creative solutions to unique problems. And I’m calm in a crisis. What do you find most rewarding about your job? It is a great [...]

Matthew McConvlille

What is your biggest strength? I can learn and adapt to new systems and environments quickly. Technology is changing so fast that the ability to keep up is a skill in itself. What do you find [...]

Charles Wilkinson

What is your biggest strength? The Google-Fu is strong in me, but this is simply a part of my strength at figuring out systems, challenges and situations I have had little or no exposure to. I’m [...]

Brad Miller

Legendary Skill: Super-fit cyclist who is master of the road – and of Veeam and VMware, Cloud and Storage Technical Skills: Virtualisation, Networking, Firewalls, Active Directory, Exchange, [...]

Epicurus Wu

Legendary Skill: Mr Fix-It – from Unix cross platform to vintage cars and motorbikes. He’ll keep your business running at all costs! Technical Skills: AIX, Linux, IBM Power, Power HA, Storage, [...]

Braithe Hollett

Legendary Skill: Unafraid of any IT challenge and our Cisco technical go to person – likes fast bikes and even faster networks Technical Skills: IBM Power, IBM System i, Networking 7

Ben MacMillan

Legendary Skill: The Computer Merchants X-man, Ben once built 10 X series systems in a single day. Technical Skills: iSeries Administration, IBM Power and Storage, Patching and fix management, [...]

Hector MacMillan

Legendary Skill: From sailing and 4WD adventures to performing seamless system i migrations & upgrades, Hector is a calming influence in any situation. Technical Skills: iSeries operations [...]

Paul Cooper

Legendary Skill: Paul is a visionary who sees the possibility in vague notions, interpreting them into workable solutions. He explores the far corners of the world armed with nothing more than a [...]