Meet the Expert:

Join Computer Merchants for Lunch with Dr Adam Makarucha

Wednesday 25 July 2018 | 12.00 - 2.30pm | Taxi Kitchen, Melbourne

Computer Merchants is hosting an exclusive artificial intelligence (AI) lunch – and you’re invited!

With the power to transform learning outcomes in all types of organisation, deep learning is set to cause significant market disruption. But what is deep learning, how will it affect your organisation, and how must business leaders prepare?

Dr Adam Makarucha’s entertaining and insightful presentation draws from real-world examples to share the potential for machine learning advantages in any organisation – and it may be easier than you think. Get to grips with how deep learning can be used to accelerate processes, increase accuracy, reduce costs… and even save lives.

From farmers to telcos, retailers to financial advisers, deep learning is already in use around the world. Learn from our lunch how to get started and what to expect from the exciting world of deep learning.

About the Speaker

Dr Adam Makarucha is a data scientist within the IBM Systems Team, where he develops deep learning use cases and demonstrations for clients on IBM’s PowerAI platform. He recently completed his post doctorate at IBM Research Australia, working within the Cognitive Analytics team on deep learning applications for the financial services industry. Dr Makarucha has worked on machine and deep learning since joining IBM in 2015, primarily focused on natural language processing as well as risk and compliance.