Managing an IT environment is complex, but Computer Merchants has developed some tools to make it a little bit easier.

Our CMLive platform gives you access to all sorts of handy information, from maintenance agreements to support status, and from past purchases to logistics. You can get a transparent view from any device with a browser and internet access.

Of course, there are times when nothing beats the human touch. Computer Merchants’ legendary project administration team is still there to help you with every step of your project, just as we always have been. CMLive is designed to compliment this by giving you a convenient way to access information, whenever and wherever you want to. CMLive is complimentary for our valued customers.

CMLive is complimentary – just ask for a demo, or sign up today.

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System Health

See your system health

We believe in proactive support, to prevent issues developing before they become problems. System Health gives a consolidated view of what is happening on your systems, monitored by our customer support team, so that we can alert you when attention is needed.

In System Health, you can quickly view all tickets related to your system, at a glance. With a click, you can see the activity associated with each ticket, including our engineers’ notes and feedback. Wherever and whenever you want a quick view of you system health, CMLive makes it easy.

Assets & Contracts

IT is easier

Managing IT is probably one of the busiest and most complex roles in any business. Amidst the continual challenges, keeping track of assets, renewal dates and contracts can be one admin task too many – but missing important information can be costly. 

In Assets & Contracts, you can see information about your assets, track contracts for anything from IT equipment to fleet cars, get reminders when maintenance contracts are due to expire, and easily demonstrate compliance with government or industry standards. Even tax office audits become less stressful when all information is accurately available in a single place!


Your purchases at a glance

If you’re a busy technology specialist, chasing technology providers for information is an unwelcome distraction from your business. We focus on reducing the administration burden for our customers. With Projects, you can have immediate, at-a-glance information about your purchases and all logistics.

You can check the status of your order in moments via Projects. Information such as expected delivery date, progress and even shipping consignment number is available. No matter what time you are working, you will have access to the latest information about your order.

CMLive is complimentary – just ask for a demo, or sign up today.

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