The IT choices you make have a profound impact on your business: the right performance, the right reliability, and the right fit.

Even though some products may seem commoditised, the truth is that there are seemingly small differences that alter business outcomes.

If you’re running demanding applications, such as analytics, or have users who can’t afford to wait for information, like those employed in customer service, then high-performance is important. Our specialists will help you to find the best deals from leading vendors, so chances are it won’t come with a higher price tag either!

Reliability: Downtime is estimated to cost US$5,600 per minute1 on average, so reliable infrastructure is a must. Computer Merchants skilled engineers work with proven, trusted vendors to ensure your IT will be available whenever you need it.


Right fit: In busy IT departments, it can be tempting to just add another server or storage device. Computer Merchants will help to make sure you are getting the most from your existing infrastructure, and that any new additions are going to give you the best value for your investment.


The right server choice can make all the difference to application performance. A small difference on paper can translate into frustrated users or, conversely, a higher website retention rate. High-performance servers are needed to power the most demanding applications but, given today’s competitive pricing, it makes sense to give all your workloads the best support.

Our product specialists are an extremely knowledgeable resource for our customers. As experts across multiple vendors and business environments, they can help. Whatever you need to achieve, our product team is there to help.

Demanding customers, demanding applications – at least your server choice can be made easy. Ask our product team for help.


Data storage has entered a new era, with intelligence, speed and efficiency all getting a boost. Today’s machines do more than merely store your rapidly growing volumes of data; some also analyse data patterns, using predictive analytics to prevent unplanned downtime, or to add to security knowledge.

Your data is a valuable asset, and our storage specialists can help you to tap into its full potential. With competition in the storage industry intensifying, now is a great time to take advantage of new capabilities and simpler management – without breaking the bank!

Want a cloud alternative? Computer Merchants are also storage as a service (SaaS) experts.

Contact us today to make managing data simpler and more rewarding.


Device purchasing can be challenging and time-consuming. The choice of devices is ever-changing, with new tablets, desktop and laptops hitting the market almost daily, each available with a range of specs and contracts.

Our team of specialists is always up to date with the latest vendor offerings, so we can save you the legwork, and identify the products that best suit your needs. We work closely with leading vendors, so that you have access to the most business-friendly range of desktops and laptops on the market.

Office-based or on-the-go, we have a device to suit every worker. Call us today.

Retail & POS Equipment

In a highly competitive environment, every element of the customer experience can be make-or-break. The right point of sale (POS) devices can make a real difference to your customer engagement. Speed, ease and transparency all aid a good connection, so that shoppers can enjoy their visit.

Fortunately, Computer Merchants has the experience to help you get this critical element right first time. Our long experience, working with some of Australia’s leading retailers and smaller specialist businesses, means we know POS technology inside-out, so you don’t have to. No matter how many stores, or how remote their locations, our logistics experts will make sure that every project runs smoothly.

From city boutiques to remote centres, our retail experts will deliver you the right technology, with the best service. Talk to the Computer Merchants retail technology specialists today.


When it comes to the essentials of building a network, Computer Merchants has you covered. Whether you’re updating, expanding, or solving a problem, we have the products and expertise to make sure your network enables your cloud-friendly environment.

Your network is also the foundation of your security strategy, and today’s intelligent networks help to keep your users safe. Whether traditional or outstanding, modern wi-fi options, our network solutions help you to protect your business community.

The best networks depend on the right products, so we partner with a range of vendors to give you the most fitting choices. Call us today to discuss modern network options.

All cyber-attacks have one thing in common. Your network. Call us today to discuss secure network options.

Lifecycle Management

Sometimes, you may need a quick replacement at a low cost. Maybe you’re looking for something that fills a gap, increases capability or fixes a problem – without overstretching the budget.

Buy – Computer Merchants can offer refurbished equipment, from leading vendors, that is completely rebuilt to your requirements by our team of experienced engineers. This gives you access to a range of thoroughly tested equipment that offers exceptional value. We guarantee that the equipment will be eligible for manufacturer’s warranty.

Sell – Business changes may mean that existing infrastructure no longer suits your needs. Selling unwanted equipment is an environmentally friendly practice that also gives you some dollars back towards new projects. When you sell equipment to Computer Merchants, your privacy is protected. All drives are reformatted, and sets are broken up as individual stock items.

We’ve been specialists in refurbished equipment for decades, so you can rest assured that your equipment – and your privacy – are in safe hands. Call us today to discuss your needs.


Juggling maintenance requirements for your equipment can be time-consuming. Amidst the busy day-to-day demands of the IT department, the additional administration task can be frustrating.

As well as a comprehensive range of maintenance options, Computer Merchants has a team of experts to help you keep track of maintenance needs. And why not try our CMLive portal – it tracks the status of your maintenance contracts covering renewal dates, assets and entitlements, with the option to be alerted by our maintenance team of upcoming expiry dates or any issues by phone or email.

Make maintenance easier – call our specialists today.


The right software can offer you robust disaster recovery, better value from your existing environment or any of a myriad of competitive advantages, but overspend is common. In fact, Gartner says that organisations are overspending on software by up to 30%2.

Our software specialists know how to get the most from your software spend and avoid paying for anything you don’t use. They can also help with software audits so you know you have the best tech available. We work with leading and niche vendors to help get the right products with the right licence options for your needs – so you get maximum value for your software investment.

Want to make every software dollar count? Contact our software specialists today. 


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