Your business may work 24/7 – but you don’t have to. 

Nobody can work around the clock – but 24-hour operation is now common practice. Not everyone has the resources to support IT systems 24/7/365, though, so instead of the IT department burning the midnight oil, you may need some help.

Our team of highly skilled engineers performs a vital supplementary role for many IT departments, filling staffing shortfalls, protecting against risk and helping to comply with relevant standards.

With Computer Merchants support services, you are guaranteed access to a team of specialists certified across multiple platforms and technologies, such as virtualisation, servers and storage, software and networking. They can help you with support queries, incident management and problem resolution as well as making better supported decisions about your environment.

Computer Merchants support services offer guaranteed response times and better visibility of key systems and with our CMLive portal, you can keep watch over your core IT systems easily. Whether you need 9 to 5 support, 24/7 cover or even holiday coverage to cover a shortfall, you can relax knowing your support needs will be met.

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