A Foundation for Digital Transformation

Accessing the benefits of digitisation begins with your data centre, and modern infrastructure positions you for a stable business future. 

The key with your modern environment is to be ready for anything. Computer Merchants will take the hassle out of updating to a new IT environment. 


Your data grows with every touch of the keyboard, every download, and every email sent. The way you store and use this data is among the most important decisions your IT leaders face. By using best-fit, modern storage technologies, you can adapt to your growing storage needs.

Well-planned storage reduces costs and helps your applications run smoothly. Why not chat with our storage specialists to see where you can improve performance and reduce management time?


Servers are becoming more powerful, with extraordinary reliability; don’t let your business get left behind. The highest performance is more affordable than you would expect – and can give your applications a boost at the same time. Security features vary too, so it is worth doing your homework – or letting our infrastructure team do it for you!


With Wi-Fi now a key business enabler, we have solutions for all budgets and requirements. . 

The desire to welcome guests, and to connect anywhere on-site, must be balanced with a robust security and access control system. Our infrastructure team can give you the best of both worlds: absolute flexibility, and rigorous access control options. Call us for a chat today.

Hybrid Computing

Whatever blend of on-premise, public and private cloud you need, we can help you to find the most secure, agile and cost-effective mix. For infrastructure with cloud-like speed and the control of on-premise, our data centre experts will put you on the fast-track to the digital economy.

Out with the Old

As you modernise your datacentre, much of your existing equipment can still be re-purposed to make sure you get full value from it. When it is time to offload equipment, Computer Merchants can help. 

Our decommissioning team will help you to identify, value, and dispose of your retired hardware in the most environmentally responsible and cost-effective way. Sometimes, we’ll even be able to find a new home for it – giving you a little extra towards replacement equipment.

Infrastructure that is ready for anything

Contact us today for more information about modern data centre solutions for your business.