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Computer Merchants & HP

For Computer Merchants, technology is all about solving business challenges and helping our customers move towards an exciting digital future. Working with the world’s leading IT brands and emerging technologies, our industry relationships help you achieve the memorable experience your customers desire, and you require.

HP understands that today’s retail world is all about customer experience, with a belief that building loyalty is first and foremost about brand experience across all channels. HP enables retailers with the tools they need to empower their staff with the broadest portfolio of in-store solutions – from traditional point of sale, to mobile and everything in between. No matter your size or target market, HP will help you personalise every experience and keep your customers coming back, again and again.

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"75% of shoppers want to do everything they do online in a store"

* Reinventing the Customer Experience, HP Development Company, January 2019

HP Retail Features

HP has been helping retailers evolve with the dynamics of the changing marketplace for over 40 years, delivering solutions and services from the corporate office to the store front, and everywhere in between.

Style & Innovation without compromise

Make a statement without saying a word and allow your brand to stand out with technology that is aesthetically pleasing and innovative, without compromising the necessities your business depends on to function.

Performance you can count on, protection you can trust

Deliver the convenient, consistent service your customers expect, no matter your size. HP Retail Solutions combine power and performance with built-in protection to keep your business moving and your critical data secure.

Flexibility you want with functionality you need

Whether you need a traditional point of sale system and a host of peripherals, or something more mobile to serve your customers on the sales floor, HP and Computer Merchants are here to help you to optimise your unique business requirements.


HP Engage One All-in-One System

Transform your retail space with security, durability and flexibility housed in an elegant, modern design that meets the demands of your business and marks a new era in retail.

HP RP9 Retail System

Stylish, modern, and versatile, the HP RP9 is an exceptionally elegant all-in-one system that combines powerhouse performance with reliable engineering.

HP Engage Go Convertible System

Facilitate transactions wherever your customers are with this versatile system designed for traditional and mobile point of sale experiences.

Enhance your in-store experience by capturing your customers attention

In the highly competitive world of brick and mortar retail, customer experience is more important than ever. Retailers must be bold, memorable, and create experiences that separate them from the competition. Stunning HP Digital Signage and interactive solutions let you engage customers, personalise their experience and ensure your brand is kept front of mind.

Talk to one of our experts about utilising digital signage to create a unique in-store experience for your brand.

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Is delivering an omni-channel experience your top priority?

Computer Merchants make a point of understanding exactly what you want to achieve so that we can help you build the best possible brand experience for your customers. Enquire today about speaking with one of our experts and become part of the new era of retail.