Most Businesses Are Less Secure Than They Think - How secure is your business?

New IT security risks emerge daily, with well-resourced, sophisticated cyber-criminals targeting both individuals and businesses. Even though IT security spending has increased, some investment may be misdirected, and the number of breaches is still rising.

Malware attacks have been especially brutal; they cost an average of US$ 2.4 million to companies that are infiltrated, and take 50 days to fully resolve1. Many businesses never recover.

Security assessments and strong planning is vital to get full advantage to the new defence tools available. Computer Merchants security experts can help you to have the strongest cover possible within your budget – and we can help you to advocate for stronger security within your organisation.

1Accenture 2017 Costs of Cyber-Crime Study, 

The Basis of Any Strong Defence is Intelligence

When you know what you’re up against, you are in a far better position to plan. A vital starting point for a robust security plan is assessing threats and environment. How will your infrastructure detect attacks? How does your organisation compare to others? Am I presenting a small enough target?

Computer Merchants is able to assist customers with a Cyber Threat Assessment Report. Supported by the very best tools of the trade, this will help you to assess your current situation and to identify any weaknesses.

From good housekeeping to increasing visibility, there are many cost-effective ways to beef up your IT security. Time to strengthen your defences against cyber-crime? Contact our friendly experts.

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