Mark LoparowGAICD, Director, Marketing

When Mark joined Computer Merchants in 1997 after working as a teacher, he brought a communication style that supports our customer relationships: clear, plain English and the ability to explain complex technology concepts simply. Mark credits this open, transparent approach and the ready availability of senior executives as the foundation of the many long-term customer relationships Computer Merchants enjoys.

Mark’s role includes directing an exceptional in-house training program that helps to support every Computer Merchants employee in providing the consistently high service levels our customers appreciate. He believes that creating a positive workplace, where staff feel empowered and happy, plays an essential role in maintaining Computer Merchants’ high customer satisfaction levels.

Mark is a graduate of the AICD. He became a part owner of Computer Merchants in 2005 and sees honest, straightforward communications as an integral part of the company’s philosophy that long-term reputation must always be placed above short-term gains.